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#19 – and now for something completely different

Credit- Daniel Reche

28th May 2020- Its been over a week since my last blog, not that I’ve lost interest but after re-reading my previous blogs I was starting to become unhappy in the direction I was heading. When I’m not blogging, Im resting, healing, meditating and working my way through my pile of self help books. Over the last few days the same message seemed to keep reappearing to me in various guises but the message in its simplest form was thus, ‘where the focus goes, the energy flows’.

The main reason I began my blog was to document my accident and my subsequent recovery, but I was starting to focus more on the negative aspects of my life and almost found myself enjoying wallowing in the all too familiar pit of despair and self pity. Just looking back at some of the tags I was using, depression, anxiety, pain and despair, whilst I cant deny I was feeling these emotions, If I allowed myself to continue to focus on them then that’s how I would continue to feel.

And so after a few days of reflection, I decided I needed a radical change. Its time to focus on the positive, and only the positive, of course I was still hurting mentally and physically but all the signs were pointing in one direction, just focus on the positive and that’s where my energy will flow. If all my energy is flowing to the positive aspects in my life then surely by the laws of physics there will be nothing left to feed my negativity! What a wonderful world its going to be!!!!!