#19 – and now for something completely different

28th May 2020- Its been over a week since my last blog, not that I’ve lost interest but after re-reading my previous blogs I was starting to become unhappy in the direction I was heading. When I’m not blogging, Im resting, healing, meditating and working my way through my pile of self help books. Over […]

#18-I officially declare myself as a hypocrite!

19th May 2020 – Another trip to the hospital, it was starting to feel like a second home, once what was a strange new place now had an air of familiarity about it. I strolled around the corridors knowing exactly where I was going and the staff in the clinic all knew me before I […]

#16- Fighting against DNA!

11th May 2020- I know I shouldn’t blame my parents for my past or current attitude to life but this morning’s conversation with my mother made me again realize perhaps why I do or did worry so much about life. In the space of 10 minutes without boring you with the finer details my dear […]


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