#16- Fighting against DNA!

11th May 2020- I know I shouldn’t blame my parents for my past or current attitude to life but this morning’s conversation with my mother made me again realize perhaps why I do or did worry so much about life. In the space of 10 minutes without boring you with the finer details my dear mother managed to bring up three different topics and declare her underlying worry for each one. After each topic I had to stop her and remind her of the impending doom upon which she had focused her attention and point out they hadn’t actually happened yet. The current situations were still positive, perhaps if she just focused on that, she wouldn’t have so much to worry about!

In my present predicament I have no space in my life for negativity, I’m fighting a minute by minute battle to keep my demons at bay. My mind keeps teasing me with flashbacks of the accident and then on the flipside (like a true hypocrite dear mother) I’m resisting the urge to worry about the future! My current modus operandi is to remain fixed in the present and any thoughts for the future are limited to positive goals which I want to brand onto my brain with a red hot iron, cowboy style!

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I find myself now not only on a mission to redirect the entire course of my life to the ‘Island of Positive Thinking’, I’m also on a one son mission to get my mother on board as well! Perhaps a few hours with Tony Robbins and some affirmations is all I need. Tomorrow I’m back at hospital for another dressing change, perhaps I should call ahead and make sure they’ve got the gas on standby!

By A single handed view on life!

Life has a funny way of surprising you sometimes and just when you least expect it you hit a bump in the road and things are never the same again. On 12th April 2020 I had a serious accident that would change the course of my life forever. I found myself at a crossroads and had to make a very quick decision, I could lay down and let it beat me or stand tall and face it head on, thankfully I chose the latter. This blog follows my recovery and how each day I learn to adapt and most importantly how I now see the world from a completely new perspective. My injury to me is life changing but over time I will recover, regain my strength and hopefully some of my mobility. They say life begins at 40, well my life has certainly been reset and I see this as a fantastic opportunity to start over and begin to enjoy life and it is my hope that I can reach out to others and give them hope and inspire them to find the strength to overcome their own problems.

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It’s unfortunate one of the negative people in your life is your Mom. i had a friend that I hung on to for a few years and wondered why I was so anxious and depressed after she visited. One day I realized I was soaking up her negativity like a sponge. I gradually distanced from her and I felt such a relief afterwards, my gosh, why didn’t I get rid of her sooner? It’s hard if it’s your Mom, though. Some people don’t/won’t recognize the black cloud that hangs around them. Good luck with your Mom.

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More power to you…Being in the present stirs positivity…Its important to train our minds to not wander but be here and everything falls in place…Stay amazing and safe:)Love to your Mom too:)

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